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"In Bribery During Dinner (2018), Fion reconfigures another dated technology, here a Gachapong machine, into an artwork with oracle-like effects. The Gachapong machine reminds Fion of their childhood, when they received pocket money to entertain themselves during the adult’s dinner party, and they would compulsively put coins into the machines to win a prize. By playfully recasting the randomizing technologies of toys into artworks with therapist-like capacities, Fion comments on the ways in which we as millennials turn to technologies outside of ourselves— like social media— when we are struggling with mental health. Choosing to work collaboratively, Fion invites other artists in their communities to contribute original works of art into the capsules: these will be dispensed to viewers who put a toonie into the Gachapong machine over the course of the exhibition’s run."

- Lauren Fournier

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