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2021 - 2021 Social Media Contents Creator @ Kops Records

2019 - 2021 Merchandise Designer/ Staff @ Play De Record

2019 - 2020 Operation Assistant/ Cassette Repair Technician @

2019 - 2019  Digital Communication Assistant @ InterAccess

2016 - NOW Freelance Illustrator and Stick N' Poke Tattoo Artist @sadstab

2016 - 2016 Bitmorph with Ryerson New Media and Ontario Science Centre

2014 - 2015 Ryerson RTA: School of Media 2nd year New Media Departmental Council

2014 - 2015 Ryerson Course Union of RTA: School of Media New Media Ambassador

2013 - 2014 Ryerson Course Union of RTA: School of Media 1st Year New Media Representative


2013 - 2017 Ryerson University Fine Art, New Media Program


2020 AAA: Constrains Create Creativity: Artist Talk on ZOOM

2019 FION'S FALL FLEA FEST at Houndstooth

2019 BNW SHOW at 2104 Dundas W.

2018 MENTAL HEALTH at White House Studio Project*

2017 META 2017 at Arta Gallergy (Last will and testament coloring book first edition)

2017 McClung Magazine Launch at White House Project Gallery (as sadstab)

2016 Murmurs at The Great Hall (as altpaca)

*associated with Ontario Art Council, Artist Health Alliances 


2017 Allan Slaight Student Production Fund

2017 TARA Award for Best New Media Thesis Project (Last Will and Testament)

2015 TARA Award for Best Narrative Based New Media Project (placeicalledhome)
2014 TARA Award for Best First Year New Media Project (Atonement)

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