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interactive installation with live performance

exhibited at ARTA Gallery for Ryerson META 2017

One main coloring booklet and three supportive elements - wall, tattoos, and stickers - all tie up together as the Last Will and Testament. First encounter will be the wall, filled with black brush lined illustrations scattered all over the white surface. Second, the spotlight leads to the one and only copy of the Last Will and Testament for presentation. Third, on the right, an interactive station with sticker packs and copies of the will are there to be colored with provided coloring tools. Last, the tattoo station, where live performance stick and poke tattooing will be performed during exhibition. Audiences are expected to interact with the piece with the respect of attending a funeral but with a morbid parody perspective on death. With dualism in mind, Last Will and Testament presents conflicting ideas like immortality and mortality, life and death, impermanence and permanence. Through the idea of body transformation, the fear and celebration of someone’s life and death, Last Will and Testament gathers all of the artist’s life, hope and fear into one document. Having a twist of an old familiar medium as the coloring book, Last Will and Testament presents the idea of data visualization interactive new media art with its sets of data list of assets distribution, plans on body transformation and interactive activities. With manic depression and borderline personality disorder, you experience fleeting and lingering moment of enjoyment and pain; with an experience of having tattoos, stickers and coloring book, you experience a relational communal tears and laughter.

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