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"In Worry-Go-Round (2018), Fion Liu reconfigures a 1970s Kodak carousel slide film projector into a fortune-telling machine that audience can ask questions of. The carousel projector becomes like the Magic 8 ball that people interact with in the hopes of receiving guidance through divination. As the slide moves around the carousel, each projection on the wall features a written response in Fion’s handwriting and marked with the artist’s characteristic alter-ego “sadstab” logo. During the cycling of the carousel, the audience will also experience the artist’s projection of distrust and selfdestructive manner and thought through the slides. The contradiction creates the bipolar perspective of mental challenges both manic and depressive. Worry-Go-Round invokes anxiety and the experience of perpetual worry that characterizes the lives of those living with chronic anxiety and related mental health struggles."

- Lauren Fournier

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